Scary Movies

The role of Scary Movies is 2 fold…no, 3…no, 4 fold, no more than 5 fold…(nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition)

  1. Create a library of Scary Movies for your own viewing pleasure
  2. Have these movies playing whenever possible to enhance the ambience of your party
  3. Movies, especially old black and whites can give great ideas for your haunting event.
  4. 4,,, I forgot what 4 is for

Movies – watch them often and make notes. I’m more interested in the backgrounds. What can I use? What can I make. I’m assuming that you have watched many scary movies. But, go back and watch for decorating tips. Note the backgrounds…you already know the plot and who gets whacked.

A word about Monster movies – I am addicted to 1950 Monster/ Nuclear Altered Monsters. They are not scary, but have a certain appeal. Therefore, they should have a class of their own. Often, these movies can found at thrift shops or bargain bins at major retailers.

If it seems like I’m making this up as I go along…you’re right. I just realized that anyone can go on-line and search best scary movies. Since my purpose is theme, I’m going to try and sort them by subject. Of coarse, some will overlap. But remember, we’re going for inspiration here. I know that there are more elgant approaches to this issue. But, Halloween is fast approaching…I can pretty it up later.

Leslie’s Top picks – maybe not my favorite for scary, but great for inspiration

  • Hellraiser – just love the body parts – pick up free chain whenever possible (only first, the rest were dogs)
  • Nightmare before Christmas
  • House of Wax (latest) – great FX
  • Frankenstein – original – the lab should be your starting point
  • Killer Klowns from Outer Space – this just may be my next theme – Beware the Greased Ones
  • Love at First Bite – just because I’ve seen it 20 times and it still makes me laugh.
  • The Fearless Vampire Killers (Pardon Me but your Teeth are in My Neck) again, the laughter factor
  • Last Man on Earth (with Vincent Price) 


I was brought up with Vampires. My Mother read the stories to me, took me to the movies and even had the best “Vampire voice” ever. (Mine is pretty pathetic…when I use it, people get it but laugh at my feeble attempt). I thought that I was above average in Vampire Lore and Mythos. But, when I started to compile a list of Vampire Movies, I was dumbfounded.. Never in my wildest dreams did I know that where so many Vampire Movies!

Leslie’s Top 70 Vampire Movies
A Comprehensive list of all Vampire movies ever made