Personality Test

I find that Halloween people fall into several categories. Accept your fate and work it to the max! Beware, make sure you have planned well and have allocated the resources to pull it off. Remember, it’s better to do 1 thing well than try to overextend and do many things poorly.

1. Costumers

Costumers are those who love dressing up in costume. These people will either rent an outrageous costume or maybe, will plan months ahead and design an awesome disguise. Their bottom line is to attend a great party and awe the audience with their efforts. Then eat, drink and party until dawn. We all want them at our party! See Guests

2. Harvest/Religious

Many people see Halloween as a satanic ritual. Read the history! Some celebrate a Harvest festival. Children still can gather treats and play without the objectionable pagan undertones. The goal here is have a fun Harvest celebration that doesn’t feel like a punishment.

3. Nighters

This group will scatter some decorations around the house and wait for the young’uns to come calling. Bottom line; they usually have the best treats which never seem to run out! How do they do that? I usually buy on the cheap and when the treats are gone, I turn off the lights thinking that I can fool them into thinking that no one was home. Has this ever worked for anyone?

4. Party Givers

These are the ones who hold a party and mainly concentrate on food, food, food. If you fall into this group, you must be sure to offer outrageous food! Although, some food is mandatory and most guest will bring food., each year you should come up with something new…something that no one is expecting. This requires planning

5. Haunters/Event planners

These people transform their environment into an event which should open many days before Halloween (like haunted houses) This requires a great deal of advance planning. Depending on your dedication, space and finances, these events require a lot of work and commitment. Choose your droogies well.

6. Fanatics

You know who you are!