If a Halloween laboratory is to be believable, you must have enough space to pull it off.

Draw a plan on paper. If you need a starting point, watch the original “Frankenstein” movie. It has the best lab ever!
Gather as many old, outmoded devices that you can find. I was fortunate to have a father who never threw anything away. I started with many devices that were old, but they still worked, at least the lights worked. All you want is effect. The more odd the contraptions, the better. These devices will form the background of your lab.

Think outside the box. When visiting garage sales and thrift shops, look for items that will fit into your lab.
You will need a few sturdy tables and power strips. Gather these early. This is the foundation of your Halloween laboratory. You will decorate around it.

Drill Press Punch Bowl

This one of my favorites.The drill press extracts fluids from the eyeball and fills the punch bowl. Yummy!!!


drill press punch bowl drill press punch bowl
drill press punch bowl

I had an old drill press. I put a skull underneath the drill bit and lowered the bit.
Get a length of plastic tubing to go from the eyeball to the punch bowl. Be generous with your length. It’s better to be too long than too short. Seal 1 end of the tubing (I used hot wax from the glue gun). Fill tube with red colored water (red food coloring) and seal the other end.
Attach 1 end of tubing to skull and lay the other end in your punch bowl.
Fill the punch bowl with your beverage of choice. For further effect, float some eyeballs in the bowl.

Bloody Refrigerator

So easy and so very creepy!!!

WARNING!!! – When using a refrigerator you MUST! remove all locking mechanisms!

  • Pick up an old, decrepit, ancient frig. Remove all locking mechanisms.
  • Stock your fridge with body parts. Don’t wait until the last minute to stock your frig because most of the good stuff is gone. Buy early! Then you have some time to make is perfectly gruesome.
  • Apply fake blood as needed.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your body parts. Your local store will be picked dried. I have found some body parts that might want to use. Stock your Frig.

Egg Carton eyeballs

Pick a string of 12 lighted eyeballs – battery run. In an egg carton, punch a hole in the bottom of each egg section. Remove the eyeball light cover. Now you can insert the light part into each section and merely replace the eyeball light cover. Hide and secure the wires. (Our friend Mr.Duct Tape comes in handy here)