Monster Mud

Monster Mud, the must-have ingredient for fabricators

I can still remember the time that I discovered Monster Mud. It was love at first sight. For fabricators, it is the foundation of so many projects. Instructions and videos are available online. Below, I have listed some great sites to get started.

Monster Mud Reaper

What is Monster Mud?

Monster Mud is an ingenious concoction of drywall joint compound and latex paint. It dries to stiff  faux stone-like finish. It is commonly used when making tombstones, statues, crypts, etc… It can be added to cloth or hair with creepy and realistic results. Monster Mud produces a hard shell over props constructed of softer materials like Styrofoam or papier-mâché. Every year, Monster Mud aficiandos find new and unique uses for the Mud.

See some awesome examples of Monster Mud sculptures.

Monster Mud Recipe:

  • 5 parts – Drywall joint compound
  • 1 part – Exterior latex paint
  1. You then mix the ingredients together in a large bucket using a mixer bit for your drill. (Or you can do it by hand if you truly like torment and suffering.)
  2. Once the mixture is smooth it can be painted onto props like Styrofoam tombstones, papier-mâché projects, cloth on standing dummies, etc.
  3. The Monster Mud can take several days to dry depending on the thickness of the coats that are applied.

Check out theses sites for Monster Mud recipes and projects;