Edible Ashtray

This recipe is one of those gross recipes for Halloween that doesn’t look at all edible– but is. It’s a bit too sweet on its own (even for kids, I think!), but tastes pretty good as a dip for apples and other types of fruit. Even better, you could think about doing individual servings of chocolate pudding served in disposable aluminum ash trays with this as a topping– really funny!

Note: Candy cigarettes aren’t generally marketed as candy cigarettes anymore, but as “candy stix” or something similar. Also, if you can’t find pre-crushed oreo crumbs, you can simply make your own.

1/3 C. oreo cookie crumbs (approximate)
1/3 C. powdered sugar (approximate)
Candy cigarettes
1 large, never used ashtray


1. Clean ashtray with soap and water and dry thoroughly.

2. Pulse oreo cookie crumbs in the food processor until very, very fine. You want the crumbs almost as fine as the powdered sugar.

3. Place crumbs in the bottom of your clean, dry ashtray.

4. Sift powdered sugar over cookie crumbs. Mix gently until half mixed and half marbled.

5. Dot with candy cigarettes that have been “put out” in the ash.