Brain Cupcakes

These are simple enough to make, and you can really use whatever recipes you like for cake, frosting and filling – only the method is important. Bake whatever cupcakes you wish.

  • Use canned cherry pie filling for the blood clot and though I had intended to puree it, I thought the cherries would give it a more clotted look (haha!). I suppose you could puree it and call it a hemorrhagic stroke.
  • Use vanilla buttercream for the icing, and colore it with very small amounts of red, brown and black to achieve that cerebral cortex color. Then just squiggle on top to get the effect of the gyri and sulci of the brain.
  • To help get the look of a brain, try to decorate in two halves to give the look of hemispheres, try to give it a domed shape, and make the sides as symmetrical as possible.