For many cooks and bakers, Halloween is the most anticipated holiday because of its creative possibilities. Regardless if your party is scary or cute, large or small, full-on dinner or snacks in every corner…Halloween food is fun and inventive.

Try to transform as many normal foods into something unique. There are so many fantastic ideas available. With planning, your Halloween table will become something that people will talk about for years

Planning is essential

  • If your passion is setting the perfect Halloween table, planning includes a detailed menu, a detailed shopping list, appropriate and enough serving plates and platters, a theme which pulls your table together, ample tables and chairs, etc…
  • Baking can never be put off until the last minute but also should not be started too soon. In addition, Halloween cooking/baking supplies start becoming scarce as Halloween approaches. You will not have time to run from store to store to find needed ingredients only to find that you must improvise at the last minute.
  • But, the most important reason for good planning is that you want to be with your friends not running around like a mad person and miss the squeals of delight as your guests enjoy your creations. I suggest you take a look at some of the Gross food ideas that take the foods that we normally serve and transform them into disgusting dishes that certainly disgust and delight.

We all know the basics of Halloween Food. If you’re throwing a party….you serve the standard fair and that’s fine. But, if you want to spice it up a little , throw in something different and unexpected….This is the place…

Try to make as many dishes as you can into something gross and ghoulish.

It is very important to make it easy for your guests to clearly understand what your dish is.  Although we want to gross them out, we want our guests to clearly understand that all the dishes are merely gross make-overs of normal, delicious party food.

Truck Stop Toilet
Using either brownies or the “Tasty Turds” recipe below, this makes one of the most gross recipes for Halloween you’ll ever see. Just looking at the photo induces my gag reflex– very effective. I would suggest only making this for guests with a nice strong stomach.In the photo, strawberry syrup blood was used. But it looks way more realistic with the peanut butter blood recipe included here. Plus, the peanut butter blood goes great with chocolate! Don’t want to make your own blood? Just buy a bottle of cheap strawberry syrup.If you do use brownies for this recipe, lots of walnuts combine with longer, rectangular slicing (as opposed to squares) will give them a more, well, realistic look.
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Tasty Turds
Fresh from the toilet, these tasty turds look so lifelike, they’ll turn your stomach. This gross Halloween recipe is easy to make and eat… that is, once you make yourself take the first bite.Yellow M&Ms can be used in place of the yellow candy corn tops, but as they are uniformly round they won’t give the same, well… “undigested corn” appearance. Yuck. ‘Nuff said.
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Cockroach puree AKA “Walnut Dip with Garlic”
This recipe looks absolutely revolting (especially when properly labeled) but tastes divine. The bit of texture from the pureed walnuts give it the perfect “crunchy bits of roach” character. Stir in a couple of tablespoons of chopped walnuts after pureeing for an extra cockroachy crunch. Also, if you don’t want to give your guests garlic breath, you may want to go easy on the garlic. Otherwise, let them know that these tasty roaches are great for keeping away the vampires that, hopefully, are running rampant at your Halloween party
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Stuffed Roaches
What collection of gross recipes for Halloween would be complete without a nice selection of cockroach-based fare? These nasty, crispy-skinned looking roaches are gross Halloween food at its best. They taste really great… if your guests dare to eat them. The little bit of crunch from the walnuts give them the perfect crisp- roach texture. Mmmm.
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Cooked Animal Head with eyeballs.
At your butcher shop (Hispanic, if possible), you can find cooked animal heads. Get your mad scientist to pluck out an eyeball and eat it… (have camera ready to record the squeals). In reality, all eyes and meat are edible and are considered a delicacy in some cultures.
Our scientist says “Mmmmm…tastes like chicken!”

Edible Ashtray
This recipe is one of those gross recipes for Halloween that doesn’t look at all edible– but is. It’s a bit too sweet on its own (even for kids), but tastes pretty good as a dip for apples and other types of fruit. Even better, you could think about doing individual servings of chocolate pudding served in disposable aluminum ash trays with this as a topping– really funny!
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Slimy Worms
These fun little Halloween finger foods are slimy, sweet and oh-so tasty. Watch kids (and adults!) squeal with disgust and delight at the sight of a big bowl of these lifelike gelatin worms. So cute. SO gross.
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Jello brain molds are a lot of fun, and jiggly human brains have become a Halloween party food classic. But outside of the year 1958, nobody really gets excited about eating stiff, shaped Jello… even if it is in the shape of a brain. So we’ve got an updated version here. While I don’t think you can ever call a gelatin brain “elegant,” this is definitely a tastier, more elegant version of the original. But, since this is a relatively easy Halloween party food to make, you can make it both for a nice Halloween dinner party or a casual Halloween party.If you really want to up the “ew” factor. Surround your brain with “severed” body parts on cabbage-leaf-line platters. SO funny!
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Tapeworm Sandwiches
While I think just about anybody would find these “Tapeworm Sandwiches” (or just plain “Worm Sandwiches” if you prefer) sufficiently disgusting to be funny for Halloween, this is a particularly fun Halloween recipe for kids. They’re ridiculously easy to make, but you get a lot of bang for you buck– they look really gross when you’re done. A great addition to any Halloween party food table.Want to save time? Slice the hot dogs up ahead of time, and boil when you’re ready to eat.
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Kitter Litter Cake
The Kitty Litter Cake is a quickly becoming a sort of Halloween party food classic. It tastes great, it looks gross, and just watching your guests try to decide whether or not they should try it is great for a laugh. It takes a little while to assemble, but this Halloween cake recipe is one of the best– and you’ll be surprised at how good it tastes. It’s also pretty flexible– you can use just about any cake mix you like. 
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Bat Wings
With black food coloring added, these “bat” wings look really gross, but taste absolutely wonderful. Based on a recipe for 5-spice chicken wings, they’re moist, crisp, and full of flavor. They’re also baked instead of fried, making these tasty little Halloween finger foods healthier than you might think. If you make these as snacks for a Halloween party, be sure to make plenty– they go fast.Also, be sure to use food coloring paste instead of liquid to avoid a bitter aftertaste.
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Creepy Puff Pastry Intestines
Make sure that you display this dish as a dessert or your guests will not know that this is a sweet.
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Mac & Cheese Coffin
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      Scabs – Purchase dried cranberries or cherries, place them in a bowl, and label accordingly. Voilà! You’ve got gross Halloween food.
“Ready to Pop” Pimples Disgusting, right? These are just pomegranate kernels
Boogers on a stick. Cheese dip mixed with green food coloring and pretzel sticks for dipping. 
Used Q-Tips. Really funny! Stick a mini marshmallow onto either side of a thin, trimmed straw. Dip the end of each marshmallow in warm caramel for “earwax.” Let set on waxed paper. 

Brain Cupcakes
These are simple enough to make, and you can really use whatever recipes you like for cake, frosting and filling.
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Apple Smiles
apples, peanut butter and miniature marshmallows
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Eye-Scream Sweets
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Dead Man’s Fingers
Peanut Butter or Cream Cheese Sandwiches
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Frightful Fingers
White Chocolate Hand
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Severed Fingers
Cocktail sausages with onion fingernails
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Coagulated Blood Dip
This creepy Halloween dip is bound to make an impression. Made with beets, it’s a deep, dark red in color, it’s thick and strange-looking… and it tastes really good. If you’re health-conscious, it’s also pretty darned healthy. Maybe not a dip that kids will go nuts over, but the adults I serve it to always love this dip with toasted pita wedges and crudites. It always surprises everybody –including people who think they don’t like beets– with how great it tastes.This disgusting Halloween recipe is also an easy one
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Pukin’ Pumpkin
A pumpkin and some guacamole…….that’s it!

Disgusting Diaper Dip
Just a bean dip. Some of my favorite presentation ideas for this dip are placed in a clear bowl (or scooped out onto a cut-out piece of plastic plate) and served on a clean opened diaper, or on a tray with a baby doll, as pictured (the photo was created with chocolate pudding, but the concept is the same!). REALLY gross, really funny, and really, really easy.
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Used Tampons
Now, this recipe is disgusting Halloween food at its most basic. It only has two ingredients (if you don’t include the string), – marshmellows and dark, sour cherries,comes together in about 5 minutes, and has maximum “gross out” potential. Really.Place this nasty-looking (but yummy tasting) gross Halloween food on a platter and decorate with tampon wrappers if desired. Then watch your guests –especially sqeamish male guests– get totally grossed out.
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