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Zombie christmas

While trolling the web for Halloween inspiration, I followed a shiny thing and found something wonderful – Zombie Snowflakes! But, there was more… a Zombie Nativity scene, Zombie Christmas cards and more.  And thus, the idea of a Zombie Christmas was born. The idea that my 2nd favorite holiday, Christmas, could be merged with Zombies and Halloween was unbelievably awesome and oddly logical.

  • Depending on the size of your Zombie Christmas, you will need a dead tree or branches.  Start looking early because they maybe hard to find on short notice. Listen for the sounds of chainsaws to find trees being trimmed. Or,  check out this Twig Tree on Amazon. It is only 32 inches high but is already made and ready to go.
  • 32 inches tall 20 inches wide
  • 8 inch black metal square base
  • Made of plastic

Zombie Snowflakes

You will NEED an exacto knife!

Download Zombie Snowflake pattern

Legend has it that Ben Tripp was dissatisfied with the book cover  his publisher had designed for Rise Again. He started a website to give away alternate book covers for his book and wound up creating some pretty awesome paper products.

Check out this Zombie Nativity scene

Download Zombie Nativity Scene  (it comes already colored)

From Ben Tripp website;

Horror fans have one thing in common: they appreciate the most tasteful things in life. For you, the readers — the fans — we present this elegant nativity scene, creche, or crib.

Bring joy to Grandma’s heart by downloading, printing, and assembling this attractive tableau. It will make her hump fall off.

Zombie Christmas Ornaments

Download templates and instructions

Don’t forget to get Zomb-Aid bandages for Zombie Apocalypse preparedness.