Halloween Home

The Halloween Haunting season is here. Have no fear… (no, be afraid…very afraid!) Here is a collection of  decorating ideas, gross food, inspiration, unique products, scary movies, history and much more… All ghouls, vampires, evil clowns, ghosts and creatures of the season will find something to enhance their Halloween adventure.

Why not incorporate Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) into your holiday? Not only does it fit in perfectly, it allows our beloved departed ones to have some fun as well. Can we honor and remember them too often? I think not!

For starters, look at Ideas and Inspirations. This surely will give you a mental kick-start. Stuck for costume idea? Check out my guests and their very creative costumes.

Let’s do it right this year. But, you must start now! If you are fabricating projects, you are already behind schedule. Sorry, sometimes the truth hurts! We have recipes for Monter Mud, paper mache, fake blood and more. Check out the DIY and fabrication pages for instructions and many projects.

Check out these fantastic fabrication sites. However, be prepared to send some time as they  contain some of the best projects and instructions for Halloween.

Stolloween – a paper mache paradise. The Tortured Pumpkins are amazing and has a great spider project.
Halloween Tortured Pumpkin
Monster List of Halloween Projects – links to 799 DIY projects. If you have ever wondered “How did they do that?”, you will find the answers here.

My passion – evil clowns … Beware the greased ones!

Halloween Personality Test

I find that Halloween people fall into several categories. Accept your fate and work it to the max! Beware, make sure you have planned well and have allocated the resources to pull it off. Remember, it’s better to do 1 thing well than try to overextend and do many things poorly. Find your Halloween Personality here.

With that being said, let’s create some Halloween terror!